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NEW PEOPLE’S INITIATIVE FROM The People For Medical Cannabis in Washington State​! Stay tuned for an official press release, information about how to financially support the signature gathering efforts and how to get copies to gather your own signatures – all coming soon. Stay tuned to this page for updates.

The Washington State Cannabis Patient Reform Act I-1419

This year’s initiative, the Washington State Cannabis Patient Reform Act I-1419, is now allowed to gather signatures for a November ballot. Delays with the Elections Division, so petitions are being printed now. Compassionate Use Washington is the grassroots campaign running I-1419 to the 2016 ballot. A Paypal account is being set up for those wanting to pay the shipping of petitions, and contributing to the campaign. The press release announcing I-1419 is being worked on, and will be released soon.

Ballot Title: Initiative Measure No. 1419 concerns marijuana, also called cannabis.

Read the full text of the Initiative here.

This measure would create boards regulating cannabis production and sales; set fees and tax exemptions; allow unlicensed collective gardens; release offenders incarcerated for non-violent, cannabis-related crimes; and adopt or repeal other cannabis-related laws.

Should this measure be enacted into law? Yes [ ] No [ ]

Ballot Measure Summary: This measure would create a board to license and regulate medical-cannabis producers and dispensers; create a board to govern the recreational use market; release offenders incarcerated for non-violent cannabis crimes; create tax exemptions and impose fees; allow unlicensed collective cannabis gardens; address medical-cannabis use by minors; limit use of THC blood-concentration evidence; prohibit certain drug testing for marijuana byproducts; prohibit assistance with certain federal investigations; add criminal defenses; and adopt or repeal other cannabis-related laws.

· Permits the legal private consumption of cannabis by adults of 21 years old or older, and medical patients.

· Challenges the Scheduling classification of Cannabis as a Schedule 1 Narcotic

· Protects Employee’s from job loss prohibiting cannabis from being tested as an illicit substance, only if it is not specifically stated differently in the employment contract.

· Protects organ transplant patients from cannabis consumption being the sole disqualifying factor for transplant eligibility.

· Removed non-violent cannabis offenses from person(s) criminal record, and releases incarcerated non-violent cannabis inmates. No victim no crime.

· Creates a Recreational Cannabis board replacing the Liquor Control Board’s involvement with cannabis, required to engage in the lawful process of open meetings to consider Public input as an agency representation for the public and by the public.

· Drops Recreational Cannabis taxes per tier to a maximum of 10% per producer, processor, and retailer. The Board is direct to examine the 37% excise tax, and provide a product that is price competitive to eliminate the criminal market.

· Creates a medical board to oversee medical cannabis specific issues, responsible for evaluating all angles of patient health, protection and over all well being.

· Removes Medical Cannabis Patient Registry until Federal Rescheduling.

· Restores private patient gardens with permitted possession of original DOH standard 60 day supply of 100 sq ft plant canopy and 35 ounces per patient.

· Legal 6 home grows for adults 21 years old or older, with the board directed to increase possession limits.

· Established Arrest protections and an affirmative defense for Medical Cannabis Patient’s, Providers, and HealthCare Professionals who recommend cannabis.

· Establishes access and protection for Cannabis Refugees.

· Medical Cannabis protection of property forfeitures and seizures of.

· Protects Local Banks to allow “green friendly” accounts.

· Requires video impairment for cannabis related DUID’s

· Requires the protection of the AG to vigorously defend this initiative as the will of the People.