New Legislation Introduced Permitting Home Growing


New legislation has been introduced permitting home growing of up to 6 plants for all in Washington (21+) under HB 2629!

Comment on the bill online: Please comment online on the bill expressing your support. petition: Signing this petition will send a letter to every member of Washington’s House of Representatives and Senate, as well as Governor Jay Inslee, urging them to support House Bill 2629.​ reports: “Initiative 502, approved by Washington State voters in 2012, legalized the possession of up to an ounce of cannabis in dried form, up to 16 ounces in edible form, and up to 72 ounces in liquid form, for those 21 and older. The initiative also legalized cannabis retail outlets. What it didn’t legalize, however, was personal cultivation, which remains a felony.

Now, legislation – House Bill 2629 – has been filed in the state’s House of Representatives which would fix this, legalizing the personal cultivation of up to six cannabis plants, and up to 24 ounces of cannabis harvested from said plants (currently the possession of over an ounce but under 40 grams is a misdemeanor; anything over 40 grams is a felony). The proposal was filed by Representatives Brian Blake (D), Cary Condotta (R), and Jessyn Farrell (D).”


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