Update on Canadian pharmaceutical company VODIS’s new MMJ facility: WSLCB inspection to be completed in 4 weeks

“Vodis Completes Phase One Of Its Washington State Turnkey Marijuana Facility”

Vodis leaf

We first wrote about the Canadian pharmaceutical company Vodis USA (A wholly owned subsidiary of Canadian pharmaceutical company VODIS) and the WSLCB’s plans to create a medical marijuana production and processing facility back in May 2015 (read our post about it here: “Vodis Pharmaceuticals Inc announces construction of a commercial medical marijuana facility in Bellingham“).

The Vancouver Newswire reports that the Vodis facility expects the WSLCB to complete their inspection process in just four weeks, which lines up nicely with the WSLCB’s plan to effectively shut down medical marijuana in WA this July! The corrupt WSCLCB, governor Inslee, and corrupt state lawmakers are relentless in their efforts to take jobs away from local small business & entrepreneurs and establish a state run cartel monopoly over medical marijuana in Washington.

This is what our corrupt state lawmakers and the WSLCB want for our medical marijuana market: to put THOUSANDS of Washingtonians out of business, and take jobs & revenue away from our residents & local companies and give them to big pharmaceutical companies from CANADA! This is not what we wanted when we voted to legalize weed! We didn’t ask for our right to grow an adequate number of plants to be taken away, and we certainly don’t want to give our local grower/processor jobs away to big-ag/pharmaceutical companies from Canada!

Thousands of patients and voters who support patients have signed the initiative to overturn SB5052, and lawsuits are expected to be filed – yet the mainstream media refuses to publish anything from the patient community! They continue to perpetuate the corrupt WSLCB’s lies stating that 502 store marijuana is safer and that medical marijuana is a problem in our state. The only problem that exists with medical marijuana is that the state’s cartel wants more tax revenue! When we enacted i502, we voted for regulation, but were promised that i502 would not impact medical marijuana. This was clearly a blatant lie.

Are you angry about this situation? Not what you wanted to happen in the Evergreen state? Well, there is something that YOU can do about it if you are a registered voter in the state of WA. Initiative 1372 “An Initiative Measure No. 1372 to Protect & Strengthen RCW 69.51A” is currently gathering signatures, find a current listing of locations where you can sign online here. Or, print your own sheet (11×17 paper) and gather your own signatures at http://www.cppwa.org/home/initiative-measure-no-1343-protect-strengthen-rcw-69-51a. We also support signing Referendum 76, however – in our opinion, the referendum is not enough. Sign and support both Initiative 1372 AND Referendum 76.

Please also consider donating to Sensible Washington, who recently announced that they will be filing a series of lawsuits to overturn SB5052 (the new rules recently passed by our corrupt state lawmakers which will effectively destroy medical marijuana in our state).

Full Press Release published June 10, 2015 from TheNewswire (Vancouver, British Columbia): Vodis Completes Phase One Of Its Washington State Turnkey Marijuana Facility

Vodis USA is pleased to announce the completion of the first growing room in its turnkey Washington State facility. The tenant is expecting the inspection process by the Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB), to be completed within four weeks. Tenant’s production will commence soon after using the Vodis turnkey solution for the I-502 production and processing facility.

Otto Folprecht, CEO and Director of Vodis states, “We are pleased that Phase One of the project has now been completed ahead of schedule and within budget. We will quickly expand the number of growing rooms available to the tenant once the facility passes WSLCB inspection”.

As the State of Washington continues on the transition from the medical program to the new I-502 legislation, retail stores over the past six months have reported as much as a 100% increase in sales as a result of the State of Washington initiatives. Vodis Pharmaceuticals and its subsidiary, Vodis USA, are also identifying innovative growing techniques that would lower costs while at the same time increase production yields, allowing the tenant to better meet the increased demand.

About Vodis Pharmaceutics Inc.: Vodis is one of Canada’s foremost brand names in the medical marijuana business. Its master grow teams have consistently won or placed at each competition they have entered with their “VIP” brand. The Company, with facilities in BC and Washington State, is also actively looking into expansion opportunities in other countries and US states.


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